AC joint injuries

An AC joint sprain or a separation can cause pain and limit motion. Nonoperative management can often get you back to full function.

Biceps tendonitis

Occurring most commonly in the long head of the biceps tendon, biceps tendinitis can be treated with rest, physical therapy, injections, or surgery depending on severity.

Rotator cuff tendonitis and tears

Untreated rotator cuff tendinitis or tears can lead to permanent loss of motion or strength, as well as a progressive wearing out of the joint. Our multi-disciplinary rotator cuff clinic specializes in preventing injuries, restoring mobility, and minimizing long-term damage.

Shoulder cartilage and arthritis

Persistent shoulder pain could be a sign of cartilage defect or arthritis. Both nonoperative and surgical options are available based on severity.

Shoulder instability

When a shoulder instability event occurs, it can cause other damage leading to long-term pain and arthritis. Treatment options start with therapy, although surgery may be considered. We offer a multi-disciplinary team devoted to shoulder instability injuries.

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