EXOS Performance Training

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine collaborates with the experts at EXOS to create healthier, more fulfilling lives for athletes, students and professionals.

ACL Injury Risk Reduction

Get faster. Get stronger. Protect your body from injury.

Performance Nutrition Services

Fuel your body and performance with customized nutrition plans from our experts.

Baseball and Softball

Strength, endurance, and agility. Nutrition, vision, and mental toughness. All of the essentials to make you a better baseball or softball player.


Strength, skating, and stick handling. Agility, vision, and nutrition. Everything to make you a better hockey player.


Motion, strength, and endurance. Mindset, nutrition, and hydration. The complete package to help you run faster and farther, without pain.


Swing, strength, and mental strategy. Flexibility, nutrition, and fitness. Putting it all together to improve your play and lower your score.

2020 Premier Soccer Camp

We're teaming up with Med City FC to host a soccer camp on February 2.

Baseball & Softball Preseason Training Camp

Focus on arm care, strength and conditioning, and skills training.

Winter Hockey Training Camp (Rochester)

Join our hockey performance team at the Winter Training Camp!


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