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Stress fracture

I cried when I crossed the finish line because this is something that, for so much of my life, I would have never dreamed I could do. And a year ago, I didn't think there was any way I could complete a marathon…I could not have made a better choice in going to Mayo and been luckier to end up with Dr. Payne and Allison. They were so patient and understanding, and focused on how to help me get back to doing what I love.

Kaitlyn Johnson

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It’s probably the nicest facility I’ve ever had the chance to work out in. Being a hockey player, you don’t get the chance to use a skating treadmill that often. This is the place that you want to be at. You know you’re getting top quality service at a facility that’s high end. The EXOS program has been great. It’s very hands on, and you know when you’re doing exercises, you’re going to be doing them right because there’s always somebody there.

Mark Stuart



I mean, they were there for me every step, from three days post-op to now. I’m here five days a week. They’re kind of like my second home. I know everybody here, it’s awesome.

Meghan Brown

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I would not have been there without the people at Mayo, especially Dr. Levy. He listened to me, and he took me seriously. He is a world-renowned surgeon who sees professional athletes. But I felt like he truly cared about me and my goals.

Brooke Johnson

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It feels like I have a team at Mayo Clinic's Sports Medicine Clinic, starting with Dr. Maynard. Her relationship with the other doctors in the program and how they all communicate is wonderful. The doctors all have a sports mindset. It feels like they're on my side and want to keep me going. Dr. Maynard helped me get my diet right and develop an exercise regimen that would allow me to push my body to the higher limits that are necessary to complete the Appalachian Trail.

Ray Yeary

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Rotator cuff

Dr. Ortiguera changed my life. I saw him on a Friday, and he rearranged his schedule so I was in emergency surgery [for a severe rotator cuff tear] a few days later.

Stuart Baker

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Dislocated shoulder

I've always known Mayo Clinic is consistently one of the best hospitals in the country. Because of that, I had high expectations going into my surgery. I held my care team to those expectations, and they delivered on all fronts. I'm really happy with everything Dr. Ortiguera and everyone else did for me.

Delaney Willingham

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Without Dr. Shi, [my daughter] could not have done this. He was very much thinking long-term. He had such a calming presence. You just trust him

Sara Dipaolo

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