Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Locations

Rochester, MN

Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC)
565 1st St SW
Rochester, MN 55902

Minneapolis, MN

Mayo Clinic Minneapolis, MN
Mayo Clinic Square
600 Hennepin Ave
Suite 310
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Tempe, AZ (River Dr.)

Mayo Clinic Tempe, AZ (River Dr.)
58 S. River Drive
Suite 160
Tempe, AZ 85288

Tempe, AZ (Rockford Dr.)

Mayo Clinic Tempe, AZ (Rockford Dr.)
Sports Medicine Clinic
63 S Rockford Dr Suite 130
Tempe, AZ 85281

Jacksonville, FL

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL
7826 Ozark Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Mayo Clinic Health System

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Mayo Clinic Health Systems
Eau Claire, WI • LaCrosse, WI • Mankato, MN

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