Specialty Clinics

ACL Clinic

Decades of ACL injury research and training guides our team to create the best plan for you - from prevention to treatment to rehabilitation.

Hip Preservation Clinic

Get access to the latest minimally-invasive treatments for hip and pelvis injuries - from hip impingement to cartilage care and beyond.

Knee Cartilage Clinic

Explore safe, cutting-edge treatments for damaged knee cartilage, including MACI, with our team of specialists.

Knee Meniscus Clinic

Receive a comprehensive meniscus evaluation that provides you a definitive diagnosis and cutting-edge treatment plan.

Knee Multi-Ligament Clinic

When there's damage to multiple ligaments in your knee, know where to go for expert, multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment.

Overhead Athlete Clinic

Work with the best shoulder and elbow experts to get a customized treatment plan for your sport-specific or overuse joint injuries.

Patella Instability Clinic

Gain back control and strengthen your patellofemoral joint with help from our non-surgical and surgical sports medicine experts.

Rotator Cuff Clinic

Get the latest treatments for your rotator cuff injury, along with a dedicated care team, to start you on your journey to healing.

Shoulder Instability Clinic

Work with a team of shoulder experts to strengthen your shoulder joint, restore stability, and reduce risk of additional injury.

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