Customized care for overhead and throwing athletes

Many popular sports require overhead motion that can increase injury risk over time.

October 2, 2020

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Far-reaching sports can contribute to arm wear and tear.

Sports with overhead arm motion contribute to a common group of injuries in the shoulder and elbow – all of which are on the rise. These injuries not only impact players in throwing sports like baseball and softball, but also activities including tennis, swimming, volleyball, and cross-fit, that are increasing in popularity.

Common injuries include labral and rotator cuff damage in the shoulder, and ligament stretching/tearing and cartilage damage in the elbow.

How and when an athlete plays has a big impact on injury risk.

Factors that can contribute to injuries related to overhead motion include:

Overhead motion is more common than many people realize.

Even athletes who cross-train may be overusing certain motions.

Tips for overhead athletes




A professional evaluation can help athletes improve their form which may reduce injury risk and provide guidance on how to recover and train between and during seasons.


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