A Full-Body Workout to Shake Up Your Exercise Routine at Home

Written by Jen Murphy of the Wall Street Journal on May 8, 2021

July 2, 2021

Photo for A Full-Body Workout to Shake Up Your Exercise Routine at Home

If your home workout isn’t delivering the burn you crave, or you’re bored after a long winter of endless push-ups and squats, here are four routines that will keep you challenged through spring.

Adam Maronde, performance manager at the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis, says a fresh workout doesn’t require new equipment. Small changes such as varying repetitions or adding isometric holds to your exercises can make your old routine feel new. Here, he provides four separate workouts—ones for the upper body, lower body and core, as well as an interval workout for cardio. Perform these throughout the week or string them together for a full-body workout. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, check with your doctor before starting a new routine. As with any workout, listen to your body and modify appropriately.

See the full Wall Street Journal article.

Originally posted on the Wall Street Journal.

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