Anikar Chhabra, M.D.

Physician - Orthopedic Surgery

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Photo of Anikar Chhabra, M.D.

Background and expertise

  • Departments: Sports Medicine; Orthopedic Surgery
  • Conditions treated: Concussion, knee disorder, multiligament knee injury, patellofemoral pain, sports injuries
  • Procedures performed: Arthroscopy; cartilage repair/restoration; knee reconstruction; knee surgery; meniscus transplantation; osteotomy; shoulder arthroscopy; shoulder replacement
  • Interests: Sports medicine; arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder; knee and shoulder reconstruction; complex knee disorders, including meniscal transplants, chondral preservation surgery, multiple ligament knee injuries, and osteotomies; patellofemoral abnormalities; sports concussions

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