ACL injuries

ACL injuries most commonly occur during sports that involve sudden stops, changes in direction, and jumping. We offer both nonoperative and surgical treatments in our multi-disciplinary state of the art specialty clinic dedicated to ACL injuries.


If you have arthritis of the knee, our team can develop a plan of treatment that can keep you active and limit the progress of the condition.

Knee Cartilage Lesions

Cartilage can become damaged due to trauma or degeneration. Our research-based treatments range from regenerative medicine approaches to minimally invasive surgical options, such as knee cartilage restoration.

Meniscus tears & repairs

A firm, elastic, shock absorber that helps stabilize the knee, your meniscus can be restored and rejuvenated using research-based techniques developed in our meniscus specialty clinic.

Multi-ligament injuries (Knee dislocation)

A rare but limb threatening injury, knee dislocation typically requires emergency assessment and treatment. Our expert, multi-disciplinary team uses innovative techniques and a collaborative approach to treat these complex cases.

Patellar Tendinitis/Quadriceps Tendinitis

A common disorder in athletes who participate in sports that require jumping, patellar tendinitis can be corrected through therapy and minimally invasive surgery.

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