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Whether you run to stay fit, to compete in races, or for the sheer love of it, there’s much more to it than simply putting one foot in front of the other. Over time, a faulty stride, an improper training regimen, or the wrong footwear can lead to injuries that can stop you in your tracks.

Our training approach

Our running and biomechanics experts deliver a comprehensive and integrated approach to improving your running performance and preventing injuries. It starts with a thorough assessment of your gait, physical condition, and running goals.

From there, we create a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals and prevent injury, incorporating:

Our facilities and technology

You’ll train in a state-of the-art facility with 2-D video analysis, and you will have access to a 3-D motion analysis lab that measures motion and strength for runners.

You will also have access to Mayo Clinic’s world-renowned clinicians to optimize your overall health, including cardiovascular fitness, oxygen consumption, and lean body mass.

Contact us to learn more about individual and group packages.

Essential Running Program

$300 for 2 hours

Advantage Running Program

$750 for 1 day

Premium Running Program

$1500 for 1.5 days

Nutrition Consult


Sports Psychology Consult


EXOS Performance Consult


Spring Hockey Training (4th-12th grade)

Post-season hockey skills & EXOS performance training

Special Offer: 21 Day Burn

Join our experts for an exclusive, 3 week program