Boys High School Hockey Summer Program

Must be a second year Bantam or high school level player to enroll.

Hockey Room

(25 Minutes Skating, 25 Minutes Shooting/Puck Skills)

  • Skating (Woodway Blade Skating Treadmill)
    • Focus on fundamentals and mechanics of the skating stride and edge work
    • Improve speed, acceleration, and efficiency of the stride
    • Skating focus will rotate between: Power, Muscular Endurance, Puck Handling while skating, and Acceleration
  • Synthetic Ice (Stick and Puck Skills)
    • Fundamentals of all shots: Wrist, Snap, Slap, and One-timer
    • Puck handling skills
    • Passing: Forehand, Backhand, Saucer, Shooting after catching a pass
    • Hand-Eye coordination: tipping and knocking pucks down
    • Shooting in different body positions and situations

EXOS Strength Training

EXOS is a leader in hockey performance training, supporting athletes from all levels, including NHL, NCAA, minor leagues, high school and youth. EXOS’ unique training system focuses on maximizing each athlete’s on-ice performance through proper movement and strength training.

  • Corrective exercises – to decrease injury potential
  • Movement training – linear, lateral and change of direction exercises to develop body awareness and coordination
  • Energy System Development – conditioning programs to help increase stamina
  • Strength & power training – total body explosiveness
  • Woodway Blade Skating Treadmill – improve skating power and acceleration through proper technique and mechanics while increasing muscular endurance (Rochester Location)


Hockey is a sport that requires skill, strength and speed. It is also a sport that requires the proper nutrition to support the countless hours you train, the recovery you require after a game or practice, and the treatment you need if you get injured. Our dietitian, Luke Corey, will take you through the necessary steps required to optimize your nutrition and maximize your performance. Luke is also the team dietitian for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and will share the nutrition secrets to unlock your full athletic potential. This education session is 30 minutes long, with time for questions and answers afterwards.

Boys High School Hockey Summer Program


June 15th-August 21st (10 Weeks)

Training days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center
Sports Medicine Center 3rd Floor
565 1st Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902


  • 4x per week lifting (40 Strength Sessions)
  • 2x per week skating (20 Hockey Room Sessions)
  • Total for Summer Program

Call 507-266-9384 to reserve your spot.


Complimentary parking in Lot 30 (report license plate to front desk). Other metered parking available around the facility.


Skating/Synthetic Ice (Monday & Wednesday only)

Weight Lifting/Strength and Conditioning


Skating / Synthetic Ice
(8 players)

Weight Lifting / Strength and Conditioning

Skating / Synthetic Ice
(8 players)


Weight Lifting / Strength and Conditioning


Skating / Synthetic Ice
(8 players)

Weight Lifting / Strength and Conditioning

Skating / Synthetic Ice
(8 players)


Weight Lifting / Strength and Conditioning



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