HockeyTech​HockeyTech™ is the worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics, and information services to virtually all leagues worldwide. Through continued research and on-going dialogue with clients in the NHL, CHL, and NCAA, HockeyTech™ strongly believes that the ability to track player positioning and their relationship with the puck during major game ‘events’ such as goals, turn-overs, and powerplays, is the new frontier of digital information and data for hockey.

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine, in partnership with HockeyTech™, brings expertise in player performance testing to benchmark individual players against elite youth, college, and professional performance data to identify areas players need to improve on in order to reach the next level.

Together, we will co-host Hockey Combine’s throughout the year while utilizing HockeyTech Testing™, an on-ice player testing protocol. The HockeyTech™ Testing Index (HTI) Report Card provides an accurate, standardized benchmark of your current abilities including skating, puck control, and reaction time.

Through participation in one of our Hockey Combine’s, your score will be entered into HockeyTech Ops™ player management database, formally known as RinkNet. The HockeyTech Ops™ System has become the go-to technology for hockey scouting and player management. HockeyTech Ops™ boasts a full range of tools for leagues to organize their central registry, conduct league drafts and, facilitate trades and transactions. It is an exceptional scouting tool and has the most manageable scouting information. HockeyTech™ is used by scouts at all levels of hockey - including United States Hockey League (USHL), the NCAA, Canadian Junior Hockey Leagues, and NHL Central Scouting.